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What is Drumsense?

Drumsense was founded in 1998 by Colin Woolway, a well known drummer, teacher, author and one of the founders of Rockschool, and has since grown to become an extensive network of registered tutors across the world – the largest of its kind.  In fact we estimate, because it is used all over the world, at any moment in time there will be a Drumsense drum lesson taking place!

Drumsense is a drum tuition programme based on books and play-along material by contemporary players and teachers.  The programme is suitable for teaching children to adults, beginner to advanced..  Whilst Drumsense provides structured approach it is also very flexible, fitting well with other teaching resources (e.g. Rockschool) and the Individual preferences of each tutor.

Scott Grant is a qualified Drumsense Tutor.

pdfDrumsense Program Description

Drumsense Book Volume 1 use by Scott Grant at The Modern Drum for his drum students

Drumsense: Student Benefits

The benefits to students of using a Drumsense tutor include:

The structured nature of the Drumsense programme helps student and tutor quickly determine the student’s level of playing ability.  This structure also gives the student a clear roadmap for their study of the drums, so they don’t feel they are learning in a vacuum.

With a combination of grooves, fills, play-along and reading exercises, the sheer variety of the Drumsense programme keeps the student enjoying their lessons – the single most important learning ingredient.

Because the Drumsense programme is well-defined, it is easy for the student to take breaks to accommodate holidays, student terms etc. and then pick up where they left off. 

In terms of monitoring student progress, there are a number of options around exams and grades.  One route is to use accredited grades, such as Rockschool or Trinity.  The Drumsense programme compliments these grading systems well.  At a less formal level, we also have a set of Drumsense grades available to all tutors at no extra cost, which we believe are an even better way to mark progress for the student, especially at beginner level.

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