Ryan Cessford accepted into Selkirk College's Music Program.  Recorded with Metal Storm.

Kane Enders accepted into Selkirk College's Music Program. Playing and recording with a plethora of bands.

Dylan Hiles accepted into Selkirk College's Music Program.

Domenic Demarinis accepted into Selkirk College's Music Program and now accepted and attending Grant MacEwan University.

Neil Gray accepted into Capillano's Music Program. Recorded with Zen Media - gigging in Vancouver

Eric Rehlinger recorded and gig's with Severed Serenity and Thor.

Danny Carleson playing in Asylum.

Young La Just won Musician of the year in the Dr. Knox Band Program 2010.

Dylan Vinci Most Outstanding Musician in the KSS R&B Band 2012.

Eric Gordon and Alex Roberts - their grade 8 Jazz band took first place in the B.C. Interior Jazz Festival 2014

Vincent Gray's -  grade 9 combo took 1st place in the B.C. Interior Jazz Festival 2014

Many other students are doing great in their repective high school bands and middle school bands

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Neil Grey

I Can Succeed in my Dreams

The Modern Drum Room student Neil Grey, performs with Zen Media“What I learned the most about was how to efficiently organize my practice time based on the material at hand and how to set goals and a pace for myself.”  “Scott was very involved in my playing.  I wasn't just another person coming through his door who he would give the same routine and advice to.  

He actively sought me out and asked questions about my playing and practice routines outside of the drum room.”  “I feel that we have formed a relationship with music as the core and this personal relationship has encouraged me and given me the knowledge to know that I can succeed in my dreams.” -  Neil Gray, Student of The Modern Drum Room

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Mike Bickert

Drastic improvement in timing

mike bickert drums rabbit holeI've been taking lessons with Scott for just over a year. I had played drums from about 2 years beforehand which I had thought was a good start and I was becoming a good drummer. I knew lessons would help me out but I didn't realize to what extent. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my timing, fills, rudimentary skills and beats over my time with Scott and I know I wouldn't even be close without his guidance and his program.

I felt like I had plateaued before I started lessons but ever since I've been playing with Scott it has been a steady climb. I feel confident behind the kit and can pull out fills and play creative beats off the top of my head without thinking about it. I find playing with other musicians and my band mates much easier and fluid. They have seen a big change in my ability as have I.

I would recommend Scott to anyone who is looking to get into drumming or to enhance their abilities.

Mike Bickert - Drummer for Rabbit Hole (Rock band from Kelowna, BC.)

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Dylan Vinci

Most Outstanding Musician of the Year Award

Congratulations to drum student Dylan Vinci !

Congratulations Dylan Vinci !

Contratulations to Modern Drum Studio student Dylan Vinci for winning The Most Outstanding Musician of the Year Award in the KSS R&B Band.

Kelowna Senior Secondary R & B Band

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Kane Enders

Scott Invests a lot of time and effort

Kane EndersScott invests a lot of time and effort into his students. That's probably one the biggest things that I remember from taking lessons with him. He really does put a lot of effort in to making the lessons customized and encourages to create and be part of a community where we all can benefit. The songs I gave him sometimes, looking back, must have taken him hours to write out but he always came through. Scott was a great teacher and is the reason I am a drum instructor today. If you're interested in taking lessons with Scott I highly recommend it.

You wont be disappointed. - Kane Enders,  Student of The Modern Drum Room


Stream/Purchase Kane's latest Album - The Written Years here: The Written Years


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